A T  F I R S T  L I G H T / L E T  M E  D O  G O O D  

written and performed by James Cramer

Directed by David Montuy & Pablo Leon. Shot in Mexico City.


Late last year film maker David Montuy met musician James Cramer in Dublin to play drums on James' debut album recordings. As they were making progress a song emerged called At First Light/Let Me Do Good and when David first heard it he knew it was something meaningful. It spoke to him. He likened the composition of the piece to life in his native Mexico City. It represented for him the passion, the anger, the peace, the moments, the danger, the struggle, the pain and the joy of 20 million people trying to live happier, richer, better lives. David wanted to visually present what the song had brought to his mind. He wanted to create something that would show his vision of the Mexico he knows. The community spirit, the flair of the streets, the edge of the culture, the dance, the music, the work, the play, the ritual, the celebration and the daily trade.

David says "I remember that day as one of the few times I've shed a tear while recording a track. Lyrics and music are so powerful. That deserves to be treated with respect and passion. When James asked me to make a short film for the song he knew I had to speak from a very personal point of view. After spending some time away from home, I was able to spot some things that make Mexico City such a fascinating place."

David has played in bands since he was 13. He and film director friend Pablo Leon followed a local punk band for a day seeking to capture their passion.

"They played for 5 people and 2 camera guys, and they did it as if 20,000 people were in front of them. That is true passion. I've never been an exemplary Mexican. My knowledge on Mexican culture could be more vast. But there's always something about the calling of Pre-Hispanic drums that moves every man and woman born in Mexico, me included. Roots are undeniable. The scents, the sounds, the colours of a culture tell a thousand stories. Stories people feel connected to, especially when we talk about our hometown. The 21st of December is winter solstice. On that day the Aztecs would offer their dance and music to mother nature. Nowadays we're lucky to preserve some of those traditions."

Every person who has been to Mexico has a different view. They have different music in their ears with each new memory of each passing moment. This is one view of one moment.


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